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“Health is Wealth”… take “stock” in your health – it will be your best investment.

House Analysis
Therese or one of her “detox detectives” will come to your house and advise you of all the areas where chemicals and other known carcinogens are lurking. We charge on a hourly basis and it can be just a simple walk through or we can help you get rid of everything that is toxic in your house and help you on the way to becoming a toxic free home or as close as possible!).

“Therese, Thank you for the impact that you’ve made on my life and changes you’ve helped me to make for a healthier lifestyle!!! I just wanted to let you know as 2011 is quickly approaching how much I appreciate what you’ve done to help me!!! Thank you!!!” – Kathleen Hogan

Speaking Engagements
If you would like Therese to speak at your luncheon, school, business, health program , private function, please email her at

Previous Engagements
Private Home: August 2008
Buffalo Seminary High School: Alumni Luncheon – How to Detox Your Home – October 2008

Tee’s Tips:
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Question: Can I have a green lawn without using pesticides?

Answer: Pesticide use raises a number of environmental concerns. Sprayed insecticides and herbicides reach a destination other than their target species, including , air, water, and food. They come into your home on shoes. Dogs ingest them. Now is the time to change and look for other options. To find lots of good tips on how to take care of your lawn more naturally and save money, click here. You will learn on how to hire a lawn care company, things you can do so you do not need to spray your entire lawn, and how to reduce your use!

Click here for Healthy Lawn care steps …your family, pets, neighbors and Mother Earth will thank you!