Andrea Privitera

When I listen to people say, “I eat healthy” or “I live a healthy lifestyle” I often ask them what that means. It mostly entails a trip to the gym once or twice a week or a stop by the local juice bar. A juice bar that’s filled with boxed milk loaded with sugar, preservatives and
additives, non organic fruits and vegetables and non organic nuts. How, I ask, is this wellness? To me, wellness is a lifestyle that requires education, commitment and time. I know. I had to make the change seven years ago or accept a life long sentence of dozens of medications, surgeries and possible death. Now I am on a mission to share my story in the
hope of helping others understand what “wellness” really looks like—a life rich in whole foods and clean foods, a life with a healthy balance of the body, mind and spirit.

First, a bit about my journey: By profession I was a Pharmaceutical rep for five years until my life changed in more than one way with the birth of my first child. Aside from having to learn all the things that came with being a first-time mother I had to suddenly deal with battling Crohn’s disease. I was immediately prescribed 12 different medications which, at the time seemed the only way to attack the disease. But after 9 months and hundreds of pills later I was no closer to beating the disease and I certainly wasn’t feeling any better. The steroids had disrupted my face, my body, my sleep, my behavior and my temper. That’s when I made a decision that would change my life forever. On the advice of my Yoga teacher I picked up the phone and called a Naturopathic Doctor. He immediately changed my diet and gave me some supplements to begin the healing process in my
intestines. Two weeks later, I was feeling better. One month later and I was off the meds. This did not sit well with my best friend who was also my GI doctor at the time! She told me I should keep taking the medications prophylactically. Curiously, I asked her if those medications were a guarantee that I would not get cancer or experience future flare ups. She could not guarantee this. This is when I started on my path to search for the foods that God gave us to keep me healthy.

Throughout my 6 year journey I have become one with my body and spirit. By trial and error I have come to understand what triggers flare ups in my body and can actually heal myself simply by changing what I eat. I have studied the evolution of food from the days of
my grandparents – when food was really, in fact, clean – to the food of today lead by agribusiness contaminating our everyday foods and untrustworthy and unregulated claims made by the food industry.

I have come to understand that foods like sugar, wheat, corn, soy and dairy are the leading causes of inflammation contributing to almost every chronic illness we see today – crumbling our bodies, our minds and eventually our spirit.

I want to teach people that foods made of plants are healing and helpful and food made in a plant are not. I want people to understand that food can change your outlook on life, your hopes and dreams, your ambition and determination, your motivation and drive.

Change your diet, change your life.


  • BA English SUNY Geneseo, June 1993
  • Merck Pharmaceuticals – Sales & Marketing, Disease State & Pharmaceutical training – specialized in Cardiovascular Disease – 2000 to 2005
  • West Hartford Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Certification –2009
  • Acquired whole foods/clean foods cooking training – West Hartford Yoga Certification
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, February 2014
  • Member of AADP, American Academy of Drugless Practitioners
  • Registered Yoga Teacher

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