Dog Food & Artificial Preservatives

This is a great article on dog food. I subscribe to this journal. They don’t allow advertisers so they are not biased. Also, the pet food industry is not regulated. Read your ingredients in your pet food! Google and research as it is astonishing what manufacturers are putting in dog food. In my opinion, it’s a crime and so sad that these wonderful pets of ours are eating toxic food.

My Labradors are now 10 and 13. I don’t do vaccinations (that’s a whole other blog post and another crime), they eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables, raw meats,yogurt, flax and fish oil for their skin/fur and Fromms dry dog food. They get all the remains (minus the bones)of our turkeys, chickens and beef… Organic of course! The vet tells me they are the healthiest dogs ever. They are my children, business partners, exercise companions, and best friends ever and I treat them as such. (Zaki is the yellow lab and Venus is the black lab)

The Whole Dog Journal: Problems With Artificial Preservatives in Dog Food

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