“Health is Wealth”… take “stock” in your health – it will be your best investment.

What is GREEN LIVING to a TEE? Founded by Therese Forton-Barnes in response to her own concerns about the chemicals and toxins that permeate every aspect of modern life. We will help you not only identify and eliminate these dangerous toxins but also find healthier alternatives. With this knowledge you will be empowered to make your own informed choices about what you put in, on and around your home and bodies.

Read Any Good Labels Lately?
You may already be reading food labels, scanning for fiber, protein, vitamins and carbs…have you considered taking a peek at the back of your shampoo, soaps and other personal care items? You might be surprised at what you find. Here’s a list of what to look for.

The Real Cost Of A Clean House
If you’re like most people, your cupboard is full of products that promise to clean, polish and shine every surface in your house. The truth is, you can have a clean house WITHOUT the use of toxic chemicals. Read More

If you want to start, I suggest that you do it slowly or you will be overwhelmed. It is all about awareness. Change one thing at a time. Contact Tee to start moving in the right direction.